Reconditioning of the profile and reconditioning of the metal bonded wheels when it is deformed after a certain time of usage.

Offers multiple uses of the tool in order to completely use the super abrasive CBN or Diamond rim.


Renewing of the super abrasive layer of electroplated products. Interesting for tools with a precision steel core that plays a big role in the overal price.


The company provides different trainings toward its customers and education institutes. The training can be onsite, remote (E-learning or Webinar), in our factory or regional.

Look to our academy section for more information.


Our sales forces are supported by application engineers giving technical support to determine the right specification for customer application and to reach the best performance with our tools.

If you have any difficulty with drilling, dressing, grinding, cutting or if you need to increase your productivity, feel free to reach us and get an expertise.


Our engineering department can design profile based on the shape expected by the customer and machine requirements.

Also the feasibility of manufacturing pieces is part of our expertise.

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